An introduction to The Wivesroundtable Foundation

I thank you so much for checking in here. My name is Amaka Chibuzo-Obi, the founder of The Wivesroundtable Foundation. I am a woman and mother tired of seeing other mothers break their fingers and backs trying to give their children the most basic of basic amenities.
I live in Lagos Nigeria – the 5th biggest economy in Africa. But in spite of all of the wealth floating around in this great, big city, millions still live in abject and extreme poverty!
Nigeria has the one of the highest numbers of out of school children, of hunger, of child and mother mortality, of discrimination against women……..the list is endless.
A mother who isn’t empowered, who does not have any means to provide the basic things of life for her family like food, clothing, shelter and basic education is more likely to expose herself and her children to sexual and domestic violence, is more likely to lose her child (or her life) to an illness as common (in these parts) as malaria, most likely to accept anything and everything thrown at her by others.
She is voiceless and powerless.
I was tired of seeing and hearing about mothers who are going through these. So, I decided to do something about it.
The Wivesroundtable Foundation started operations in the early part of 2019 – empowering women with small businesses.
But unlike many other foundations, we aren’t stopping there. We know that, when one starts a business without requisite knowledge on how to run that business, that business will almost certainly fail before its 1st year and the person is back to square one.
We do not want this for any of the women we empower so we go several steps further. After setting them up with a small business, we follow up to monitor what they are doing, we organize trainings for them to learn how to properly run and manage their businesses. Our trainings are in the areas of mindset and behavioral changes, business structure and management, customer service, small business accounting and so on.
The women who come to the foundation are mostly battered and broken by life and so we also desire to give them access to counselors to help them decompress and heal.
We would also really love to provide them access to basic medical check ups to keep them in good health for themselves and their families.
We want to give these women the basics they need to have a fighting chance at life.
It is my sincere desire that you feel touched in your spirit to support The Wivesroundtable Foundation in our quest to create a better world, one woman at a time.

Please, contact us via email at or via our social media handles @thewivesroundtablefoundation on all platforms