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We stand for women

Our Approach

We are Passionate about women

The Wivesroundtable Foundation is a women empowerment and development NGO located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

A the foundation, we believe that, women are the greatest influencers in the home. They birth, they nurture, they raise. And their influence is felt by everyone around them. Like Kofi Annan so aptly put it “When women thrive, all of society benefits and succeeding generations are given a better start in life”. He also rightly captured the great importance of women empowerment when he said “The empowerment of women is the most effective tool for development”.

In a country like ours, Nigeria, where there is an extremely high rate of poverty, illiteracy and out of school children, domestic and sexual abuse, child labour and other forms of societal ills, empowering the mothers in these situations will go a long way to help curb some (if not all of these ills).

This is why The Wivesroundtable Foundation was set up – to empower indigent and vulnerable mothers in 4 ways

1.To empower them (economically) with a small business or skills to start one.

2.To empower them (educationally) via various trainings to help them gain knowledge to properly run their businesses. And teach them the value of saving.

3.To empower them (psychologically and emotionally) by giving them free access to counselors for their mental well-being.

4.To empower them health wise by helping them get access to medical check ups and basic treatments

At The Wivesroundtable Foundation, our sole objective is to lift mothers and their children out from extreme poverty and set them on the path towards self-sustenance, growth and a better life and future.


— Our Mission

To empower women (especially indigent, vulnerable and disadvantaged women) with necessary skills and knowledge, to help them be self sufficient and provide for themselves and their families.


— Our Vision

To create a better world by raising whole, fulfilled and well balanced women who will allow their lights shine wherever they go.